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Vertiv NetSure HVT Series

The Vertiv NetSure HVT Series is a modular and scalable high voltage DC (HVDC) power solution that revolutionizes power distribution in data center facilities and core telecom sites. With the proven benefits of 48V DC power with higher voltage distribution, this series offers unparalleled flexibility, integration ease, and cost savings in cable and installation.

With NetSure HVDC Power Systems, experience a streamlined power solution that minimizes unnecessary AC to DC conversion steps, optimizing power system architecture. This enhancement significantly improves overall system efficiency and reliability, empowering your infrastructure with superior performance and uninterrupted operations.

Netsure HVT F02


  • Higher power density and small footprint
  • Safe and reliable with alarms for insulation failure and grounding faults
  • Local monitoring and control via 7-inch touchscreen color display 
  • Real time remote monitoring via  TCP/IP, SNMP and major web browsers
  • Specialized parallel design for capacity expansion
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