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Industrial Automation and Control

Contactors and Protection Relays

Explore the broadest range of solutions to feed, control, and protect electric motors. Schneider Electric offers world class contactors for high-durability direct online, star-delta, or reversing motor control. These contactors can be combined with circuit breakers to meet machine safety standards, protecting motors against overloads and short circuits, and maintain high reliability with long mechanical and electric life with the complete line of accessories for motor and load control. Relays can also be added for additional protection, specific for machines and motors. As the most extensive selling line of contactor in the world, TeSys Contactors are available for both IEC and NEMA applications and certified by major standards worldwide.


Available in:

Digitized Motor Starters

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Industrial Contactors

Motor Protection Overload Relays

Advanced Motor Protection Relays

Motor Switch-Disconnectors and Fuses

Easy Series Contactors and Motor Protections

Push buttons, Switches and Pilot lights

Schneider Electric's extensive line of push buttons, switches, and pilot lights is the gold standard in operator efficiency and effectiveness. It combines ease of installation, flexibility, and robustness, meeting the needs of most industrial applications. In the context of IoT, Schneider Electric also provides intelligent connected products and edge terminals that visualize, gather, and process data, allowing informed operator decisions.


Available in: 

22 mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

30 mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

8 and 16mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

Control Stations, Pendant Stations and Enclosures

Industrial Wireless Remote Control

Joystick Controllers and Rotary Cam Switches

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