VITALink® MC-metric is a 2-hour UL2196 and 3-hour BS 6387 fire-rated cable system that meets the Philippine code requirements for Fire Rated Circuits, Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems, Survivability, and Circuit Integrity. This Copper Corrugated Fire Resistant Cable (CCFR) outperforms conventional fire-rated cables in reliability, performance, and ease of installation. 

VITALink® MC-metric wiring systems are vital for critical life safety and firefighting equipment in major public buildings, retail, commercial, industrial, transportation applications, and power infrastructure.

Copper Corrugated Fire Resistant Cable (CCFR)

• Fire resistance to UL 2196, AS/NZS 3013 - 2 hr. FRR
• Fire Resistance to BS 6387 CWZ - 3 hr. FRR
• Superior resistance to flame propagation
• Tested and certified for Vertical and Horizontal installation
• Halogen-free, low toxicity, low smoke, low fuel element
• Superior impact & crush resistance
• Welded armor forms an impervious barrier to water, contaminants, and rodents
• VFD cable available with 3 split earth conductors
• Made in the USA

Performance Standards
• UL 2196 – Listed as a 2-hour fire-rated Electrical Circuit Integrity
System FHIT 120M of the UL Fire Resistance Directory
• IEEE 1202/FT4 vertical flame test; ST1 limited smoke
• Constructed to UL 1569 – Listed as Type MC
• Copper metric conductors to IEC 60228 cl.2
• BS 6387 CWZ (circuit integrity: Fire, fire + water, fire + mechanical shock)
• IEC 61034-2 (measurement of smoke density)
• IEC 60754-1 (Halogen acid gas), IEC 60754-2 (acid pH)
• IEC 60332-3-22/24 (Flame propagation)
• Bending radius 7 x cable O/D. Installation: 10x cable O/D

• Life Safety and Firefighting systems: Emergency lighting, smoke extraction fans and shutters, pressurization fans, fireman’s lift sub mains, fire hydrant, sprinkler pumps, fire alarms, and evacuation systems.

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