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2100 Series

2100 Series by Vertiv

The Netsure 2100 series is embedded with industry-leading rectifiers and an advanced controller, delivering unparalleled performance even in the most challenging and demanding environmental conditions. 

Experience the convenience of integrated distribution outlets that allow for direct plug-in of various networking devices. The Netsure 2100 series brings simplicity and efficiency to your network setup, eliminating the need for additional power distribution units and optimizing space utilization.

With the Netsure 2100 series, we offer the expertise and innovation you need to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, maximize uptime, and drive business success.

Netsure 2100


  • High-density subrack delivers up to 3kW in 1U rack space
  • Wide operating voltage range, 85-300VAC
  • All breakers are accessible from the front side
  • Integrated distribution
  • Advanced intelligent battery management system
  • Built-in communication & dry contact ports that enable remote monitoring


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