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ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO Power Transfer Switch offers fast, reliable, and continuous operation that protects your mission-critical facilities during power failures and unbalanced load switching.


Automatic Switch Company, also known as ASCO, a recognized global market leader since 1920, offers guaranteed 24/7 after-sales support and long-term commitment to research and development, providing businesses with enhanced safety and reliability.


ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches or ATS use a unique solenoid operator design to force and lock primary contacts closed on high current faults, preventing them from opening like a circuit breaker. These Transfer Switches are available with or without bypass isolation, ensuring continuous operation and power redundancy.


FMIDC is the exclusive distributor of ASCO Transfer Switch in the Philippines and offers you fast and reliable backup power switching solution from ASCO:

ASCO ATS 300G Series

ASCO ATS 7000 Series


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