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FMIDC Maintenance and Services (FMS)  is in the business that aims to satisfy clients with excellent services and value proposition driven by continuous improvements in innovation. Offering an extensive range of outstanding services designed to maintain and support your equipment needs.

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

FMIDC-CPM is planned maintenance done on generator sets, automatic transfer switches, and air-conditioning units. Preventive maintenance is interval-based work that helps maximize efficiency and minimize excessive labor and replacement of parts.

What we do:
  • Maintenance and Testing protocol
  • Service report summary based on the CPM findings, analysis and recommendations within seven (7) days after each inspection.
  • Aftersales support
  • 24/7 guaranteed emergency call service
  • Committed technical assistance
  • Flexible and adaptable customized solutions
Telecommunication Works

FMIDC pioneered the Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program for the telecoms industry in the country. Currently maintaining 6,000 cell sites and continuously developing services for the satisfaction of clients.

What we do:
  • Site Survey and Planning
  • Transportation / Hauling
  • Hoisting
  • Installation Works
  • Commissioning, Integration and Testing
  • Dismantling
  • BTS Upgrade
  • Transmission Site Audit
  • Flexible and advanced technology
  • Quality tools and equipment
  • Technical assistance / advice
  • Immediate response and repairs


Power Quality Analysis Services

With increasing clients every year, FMIDC continues to offer quality, reliability, and consistency.

FMIDC's latest offering, The Power Quality Analysis Services or PQA is designed to measure voltage, amperage, frequency (sags, swells, and spikes in voltage value), harmonic currents. PQA also covers the resulting distortion & crest factor, power & energy, voltage & current unbalance, inrush current values, and light flicker.

If an analyzer measures and records such basic parameters, FMIDC can address your most power quality issues successfully.

What we do:
  • On - Site Inspection
  • Walk -through
  • Load Analysis
  • Perform PQA
  • Provides Power Quality Analysis report after one to two weeks
  • To analyze inconsistencies between load and the system
  • Enhanced Life cycle of Electrical network & component
  • Savings in Energy Bills due to reduced Losses & KVA demand
  • To forecast future functioning of load equipment or power quality diminishing equipment
  • Remove Harmonics, Surges & Transients from electrical Network
  • Avoid excess Energy consumption
  • Avoid Break-downs & production Interruptions
  • Improve Power Factor & System Efficiency
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