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Vertiv eBase 2.0

Vertiv eBase 2.0

The Vertiv eBase 2.0 is a pre-integrated, enclosed cabinet solution designed to cater to the demands of the BBU pool for 5G C-RAN deployment and traditional BTS sites. This cutting-edge solution delivers uninterrupted communication networks, empowering your infrastructure to meet the growing demands of modern connectivity.

eBase 2.0


  • Energy Efficient: Delivers up to 98% efficiency and coupled with ECO mode algorithm ensures maximum efficiency even at partial load conditions.
  • Precision Air conditioning: Reduces cooling power usage through inverter driven and containment cooling system.
  • Reliable & Compact Power Supply: Supports -48 VDC / AC power system, compatible with new construction, expansion and transformation of telecommunication sites.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Integrated monitoring such as temperature & humidity, access control, smoke, water leak, fire protection, video surveillance, etc., with RS232, RS485, SNMP, USB, dry contacts and other intelligent interfaces provides a full range of environmental and system operational management.
  • Small Foot Print: Efficiently utilizes the vertical space by integrating power, cooling and other infrastructure in a standard rack space. Its advanced design not only saves space but also reduces system complexity. Single cabinet solution occupies floor area of 0.8 m2, two cabinet occupies floor area of 1.6m2.
  • High Ingress Protection: Protection grade is IP 5X, adopts to hazardous telecommunication room environments.
  • Aesthetically Appealing Design: IT style design, tempered glass door/metal door options, improves the overall visual experience of the communication room.
  • Optional 10.4" LCD Touchscreen Panel: User-friendly display enables easy access to power, cooling, environment, and security information.
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