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7100 Series

7100 Series by Vertiv

Vertiv NetSure 7100 is a compact -48 VDC power solution that is a highly reliable, uninterruptible cost-effective power system that features an intelligent controller, a high-efficiency rectifier, and multiple distribution options to meet a variety of application demands. NetSure 7100 series is ideal for telecom access and network edge applications.   

731 AA1

The Vertiv NetSure 731 AA1 is an embedded, high-efficiency DC power system that provides reliable and uninterruptible DC power for telecom applications. This system matched outdoor cabinet for multiple operators and supply power to large station for multiple operators, network coverage and broadband access.


  • ​Ultra-compact power system: Delivers -48V, 240A DC power output in a minimal footprint - Saves considerable amount of user space leading to more room space for revenue generating equipments.
  • Easily adaptable in a harsh grid environment: Supports a wide range of input voltage ,i.e. from 85 to 300 Vac; enhances the battery life significantly.
  • High efficiency: 96% efficient eSure rectifiers ensure optimized total cost of ownership.
  • High reliability: Integrated lightening protection on the AC and DC distribution side, and compatibility with outdoor cabinets.
  • Advanced battery management function: Includes BLVD, temperature compensation, auto voltage regulation, reserve time prediction, and online battery test, etc. to prolong the battery life.
  • ECO mode function: Embedded with an advanced energy optimization technique ensuring high efficiency at varying load levels.
  • Multiple communication interface: Built-in communication ports such as RS232, Dry contacts, and Ethernet enable flexible remote controlling & monitoring.
731 C62

The Vertiv™ NetSure™ 731 C62 is a powerful standalone indoor DC power system that provides unmatched reliability, availability, and efficiency to protect antennae and electronic communications equipment, which ensures that the system can continue to operate even in the event of a failure. 


  • Supports up to 300 A load capacity y Uses high-power density rectifier modules with the APFC technology - maintains the power factor up to 0.99
  • Tolerates a wide AC input voltage range: 85 ~ 305 VAC; reduces the battery usage.
  • Rectifier embraces the soft-switching technology - enhances the efficiency up to 96%
  • Hot-pluggable rectifiers; reduces the maintenance time and MTTR.
  • Embedded with an advanced controller
  • Loaded with the advanced battery management function - includes BLVD, LLVD, temperature compensation, auto voltage regulation, current limiting, battery capacity estimation, online battery test, etc
  • Stores up to 5000 history alarms records, 512 history data records, and 10 sets of battery test data records
  • Integrated multiple communication ports (such as RS 485, USB, ethernet, and CAN), which enables the Remote control & monitoring function
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