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212 Series

NetSure 212 Series by Vertiv

The NetSure 212 C23 embedded power system is an extremely reliable and fully digitalized communication power system with a high power density that exhibits peak performance in a compact footprint, tailored to meet the network requirements of mission-critical applications and industries, including 4G, FTTx, digital communication equipment, transmission equipment, and access equipment, among others. The system was built with a standard-efficiency R48-1000A rectifier, which provides ultra-high efficiency of more than 92%, significantly improving energy efficiency.

212 Series


  • Standard and robust 19-inch structure design 
  • Compact, lightweight, embedded installation, saving equipment room area, and installation cost
  • Fully frontal operation and convenient maintenance 
  • Wide range of input voltages & strong grid adaptive capacity 
  • Wide operating temperature range of rectifier modules and strong environment, adaptive capacity
  • Damage-free hot swap with high availability and easy, quick online maintenance
  • Full protection against external lightning surges
  • Streamlined battery management function effectively increases the service life of batteries
  • Provide various communication interfaces, including RS232 and dry contact for flexible networking and remote monitoring 
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