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FG Wilson brand is one of the major global players in the provision of power generation solutions. FG Wilson generator sets range from 6.8 kVA – 2500 kVA, which includes open and enclosed generator sets having prime and standby power.

The FG Wilson brand operates in over 150 countries with 370 Authorized Dealers, including FMIDC as an authorized dealer of FG Wilson diesel generator sets in the Philippines.

LOW RANGE 6.85VA - 220 kVA

With an enhanced choice of power nodes, this range is engineered for optimum performance in diverse applications including construction, residential, retail and telecommunications. The contemporary design of the polymer enclosure option redefines durability in the marketplace and further enhances this range alongside the more traditional metal enclosure.


Most notable is the innovative fuel tank design combined with a component arrangement that facilitates greater operator access and service, ensuring this range remains the generator set technician’s choice.


LARGE RANGE 730 kVA - 2500 kVA

These generator sets are proven in the field and trusted to provide reliable power for critical applications including: mini power stations, data centers, large factories, airports, hospitals and large retail stores.









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