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AMETEK Powervar Power Conditioner

Ametek Powervar Power Conditioners

As part of FMIDC's constant commitment to providing quality and reliable products and services to our valued clients and business partners, we offer you AMETEK POWERVAR- a leading global provider of advanced power quality solutions.


Founded in 1986 in California, Ametek Powervar provides the vital protection necessary to ensure optimal system performance, reduce service costs, and strengthen customer satisfaction. Ametek Powervar is the world's largest provider of low impedance isolation-based power protection solutions to Medical Clinical Diagnostic and Imaging, Retail ATMs and POS Systems, Industrial simulations, Telecoms, and Finance, keeping every business in the business. 


Ametek Powervar offers Power Conditioners and Low Impedance UPS. A surge protective device (SPD) is different from power conditioners. Surge protectors, also known as TVSS, are only capable of essential protection.


The ABCs of Power Conditioning

Ametek Powervar created an approach that gave them the edge by incorporating these elements:


A - Surge Diverter                        E. Battery Backup

B - Isolation Transformer            F. Frequency Regulator

C - Powerline Noise Filter            G. Ground Guard

D - Voltage Regulator


The ABCs of Power Conditioning eliminate system destruction, component degradation, and operational disruption, providing the highest protection and operational benefits. 

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