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VERTIV Rectifier

VERTIV Rectifier

Q. What is a DC Power System?
A. While most power infrastructure operates on AC (alternating current) power, some applications and industries are better suited for DC (direct current). DC power is widely used in applications such as telecoms, automotive, aircraft, and other low-voltage, low-current applications.


Q. What is a Rectifier?
A. An electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Its primary job is to provide DC power to the supported loads, with a secondary role of charging and maintaining the batteries to ensure the system will perform in the event of a power failure.


Q. What batteries to use in a DC Power System?
A. Depending on the application, a DC system may use traditional VRLA or Lithium-ion batteries.


Q. What to consider in choosing a DC power system:  

A.     In choosing a DC power system, you need to know the following:

        What is the application?
        What is the AC input voltage?
        What is the output DC voltage?
        What is the load requirement?
        What are the required distribution breakers?
        What is the required battery autonomy time?


Q. What Brand of DC Power System do you offer?
A. Vertiv Netsure DC Power System demonstrates unparalleled reliability and industry-leading efficiency ratings at -48 and +24 VDC.


Q. Country of Origin?
A. China



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