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Genergy Batteries

Genergy Batteries

Q. Who is Genergy?
A. Genergy Battery Co. Limited is one of China's leading sealed lead-acid battery manufacturers and battery solutions providers. It is also the exclusive overseas sales and marketing company of Flying Power Group, in charge of Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia markets. 


Q. What products does Genergy offer?
A. Genergy specializes in Sealed Lead Acid, UPS, Solar, Telecom, and Deep Cycle batteries.


Q. What are the available ratings?
A. Genergy Batteries' Capacity rating ranges from 1.2Ah up to 3000Ah


Q. How often should it be replaced?
A. Some batteries have a 5-year design life, while others have 10 years or more. For standby applications such as UPS/EPS, it is a proactive approach to replace the batteries 3 to 5 years in standby service due to degradation over a certain period. And due to the critical nature of UPS loads, it is highly recommended to conduct a replacement before a battery failure occurs.


Q. What applications are Genergy Batteries used? 
A. Genergy Batteries are designed for Standby, Renewable, and Electric Vehicle Applications.

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