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Generator Set

Q. What is the Difference between Prime Power Generator sets and Standby Power Generator sets?  

A. Prime Power Generator sets are used as the primary source of power on-site. It is recommended mainly in remote areas where the grid is not accessible or to users who don’t purchase power from the public sector. There is no limitation with the annual hours of operation. Overload situations are highly discouraged- but a 10% overload capability is allowed for an hour in every 12-hour operation.  

On the other hand, Standby Power Generator sets are used when the primary source of power- usually the grid- fails. They are intended for short runs and emergency use only. No overload is allowed on these ratings. 


Q. How can I maintain my diesel generator sets daily?

A. Owning a diesel generator set in the Philippines can be very useful but sometimes tricky. If not taken care of properly, several malfunctions may arise; that is why it needs proper care and maintenance to reach its maximum use and efficiency. 

Here's what you should look out for when checking your diesel generator sets daily:

1. Inspect your diesel generator sets, especially the fuel stored in your fuel tank, and ensure that the amount is adequate and added timely according to demand. 
2. Check your generator set's oil level of your oil sump regularly. Make sure to fill up until the marking on the oil scale, based on the specified quantity of your diesel generator set. 
3. Always check your diesel generator sets from leakage, starting from its oil, water pipe joints, other leakages up to its sealing surface. When needed, eliminate the exhaust pipe and gasket of the cylinder head and the turbocharger's leakage issue to solve the root cause of the problem. 4. Check the installation, stability, and connection between anchor bolts and working machinery of each accessory of the diesel engine to ensure the reliability of your diesel generator set. 
5. Observe and check all mechanisms of your diesel generator sets promptly to ensure that the readings are normal. Repair and replace them on time in case of failure. 

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