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First Aid and Basic Life Support Training

Safety is not an option, it's a necessity.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and FMIDC is committed to remaining one step ahead of the risks. To promote this proactive approach, FMIDC has enrolled its employees in a 2-day life-saving program by Think Safe Training, Consultancy and Services Corporation. This training has ensured that employees are equipped with the essential skills to respond confidently and correctly in emergencies, both in the workplace and beyond.

Batch one - March 18-19, 2024

Batch two - April 11-12, 2024

Batch three - May 2-3, 2024

Batch four - May 30-31, 2024

Through this initiative, FMIDC has instilled the right mindset, readiness, and knowledge in its employees, enabling them to assist in any life-threatening emergency, inside or outside the workplace.

Always be one step ahead in every situation!

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