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Preparing for Fire Hazards: Ensuring Business Safety with FMIDC's Fire Safety Cables

This March marks Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines, spearheaded by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), to heighten awareness about fire risks across various sectors. Emphasizing the importance of reliable equipment, businesses must prioritize fire prevention and containment to protect personnel and property.

In response, FMIDC provides two advanced fire safety cable solutions designed to restrict the spread of flames and minimize property damage. Our certified fire-resistant cables undergo thorough testing, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Pyrotec Fire Resistant Cable stands out as one of our top-tier offerings, meeting the highest safety standards. Engineered to excel in fire performance, prevention, and safety, Pyrotec boasts enhanced thermal aging properties, sustaining an operating temperature of 110°C for extended cable longevity. This makes it ideal for safeguarding businesses, especially during heightened fire risks due to prevailing heat conditions.

VITALink emerges as another standout product, renowned for its suitability for specific applications. Manufactured in the USA and certified by ISO 9001, UL 2196, and BS6387, VITALink ensures reliability, performance, and ease of installation. Crucial for critical life safety and firefighting equipment, it finds extensive use in public buildings, retail establishments, industrial facilities, transportation infrastructure, and power grids. Capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 100°C for up to 2 hours, VITALink guarantees robust protection in demanding environments.

This month, safeguard your businesses from fire damage by investing in reliable, high-quality fire safety cables available from trusted distributors like FMIDC at an affordable price. Don't compromise your resources and reputation due to accidents that could incur significant costs. Contact FMIDC now to discuss your needs.



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