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Netsure DC Power Systems: The Key to Minimizing Downtime and Improving Energy Efficiency

We live in a deeply connected world. That is why data centers and other critical facilities require a continuous and reliable power supply to be efficient. A constant and sustainable power supply is vital to ensure efficiency and reliability. Power system failures are risky for critical equipment and can cause costly downtime. 


To achieve your business objectives, you must invest in highly efficient and reliable DC power systems to increase the energy efficiency of your critical facilities.


DC power systems are essential in providing the voltage requirement and current levels to power-critical facilities. This system converts AC into DC to power up the equipment in data centers, telecommunication facilities, and other critical facilities- making them more efficient than AC power systems by allowing DC power to be stored and distributed more efficiently, resulting in reduced power consumption and lower energy costs.


Here are some of the key features and benefits of Netsure DC power systems


High Efficiency: Netsure DC power systems are highly efficient, with a typical efficiency of up to 97%. This high efficiency reduces power consumption, resulting in lower energy costs.

Flexibility: Netsure DC power systems are flexible and scalable, allowing for easy expansion and needed modification. This flexibility ensures the system can adapt to the ever-changing power requirements of any facility.

Reliability: Netsure DC power systems provide an advanced technology that ensures high reliability. Equipped with advanced monitoring and control features that detect and prevent faults before they occur, The Netsure DC Power Systems ensure minimized downtime.

Easy Maintenance: Netsure DC power systems offer easy maintenance, with features that allow easy monitoring, diagnostics, and repair.

Netsure DC Power Systems are an excellent choice for critical facilities that require a reliable and efficient power supply.


These systems offer all the essential features to ensure your business facilities operate smoothly. Your businesses can minimize downtime, reduce energy costs, and improve operational efficiency.


As one of Vertiv's Partners for Netsure DC Power Systems, FMIDC shares this commitment to sustainability. We are ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable DC power system for your business, helping you minimize downtime, reduce energy costs, and maximize operational efficiency—all while driving sustainability forward.


Are you interested to learn more about how FMIDC can help minimize downtime, reduce energy costs, and maximize operational efficiency? Contact us today through sales@fmidc.com, and together, let's create a sustainable and resilient future for your critical facilities!



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