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Advantages of Using DC Power System

DC power system is widely used in various industries best suited for DC or Direct Current, such as telecoms, automotive, aircraft, and other low-voltage, low-current applications. A DC Power System converts Alternating Current to direct current and provides DC power to supported loads with a secondary role of charging and maintaining the batteries to ensure system performance in case of a power failure. 


While a typical data center is often built to AC specifications, switching to a DC power system has advantages. Here are some benefits that you can get from using a DC Power System: 


Power System Optimization 

There is energy loss in every conversion step, so minimizing the number of conversion steps is vital in conserving energy. DC Power System helps you minimize energy consumption with up to 98% rectifier power efficiency and 96.3% inverter efficiency in normal AC-AC mode, reduces heat input in the room, and requires fewer components. 


High Availability and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The main purpose of the critical power system is to eliminate power-related downtime; any cost comparison should consider the level of availability required and the cost of downtime. With fewer components that could fail, site reliability improves while the total cost of ownership is reduced. High power efficiency conversion reduces power consumption and operating costs while improving the efficiency of your facilities. 



Using DC Power System frees up floor space by powering AC and DC loads, all in a single cabinet. Modular system architecture minimizes capital investment while allowing for future growth. 



Highly reliable, uninterruptible cost-effective power systems for small data or telecom installations. Netsure also uses the most reliable rectifier module globally, with a 200-year MBTF/ 0.5% failure rate.


FMIDC offers Netsure DC Power Systems by Vertiv, which has developed a new line of AC to DC Power Systems that address emerging applications and provide a practical, efficient, and cost-effective solution for managing the conversion from AC grid power to DC power required by IT equipment for telecommunications, data centers, and commercial buildings. The simplicity, efficiency, and reliability of the NetSure DC Power Systems can help you achieve greater than 97% peak efficiency, providing a low cost​ of operation on top of exceptional NetSure reliability.


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