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531 A91 Series

NetSure 531 A91 Series by Vertiv

Vertiv NetSure 531 A91 series embedded high-frequency switch-mode power supply system delivers a reliable and uninterruptible DC power supply for the LTE in-building solutions, FTTx broadband multi-solutions, macro station, and outdoor cabinet. This subrack power system is fully digital with high power density and performance. 


Netsure 531 A91


  • Space Saver and Cost-Efficient due to its small size and embedded installation    

  • Strong ability in adapting power grid and tolerates a wide range of input voltage, 85 to 300Vac    

  • Rectifier working temperature range: -40 +80 C (full load output if the range is -40 +55°C, derating output if exceeding 55°C)  

  • The efficiency of the rectifier is above 96%, while the efficiency of the system is above 95%     

  • Intelligent battery management system, which prolongs the working life of the battery    

  • Provide multiple communication ports such as RS232, Ethernet port, dry contacts, and more for flexible networking to achieve remote monitoring   

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