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ENOS Automatic Transfer Switch

Q. What is an ENOS ATS?

A. ENOS ATS is a solenoid operated transfer switch that has competitive market price and certified to be tested under IEC standards switching equipment. This ATS are designed to perform repetitive switching from Live to Live and closed on high fault currents.


Q. What is the definition IEC 60947-6-1?

A. This applies to transfer switching equipment (TSE) to be used in power systems with interruption of the supply to the load during transfer, the rated voltage of which does not exceed 1 000 V a.c. or 1 500 V d.c.


Q. Country of origin?

A. South Korea


Q. What are ENOS ATS product range?

A. Fixed Type (100-600 Amps)

     Withdrawable Type (800-6300 Amps)

     Withdrawable Type with Bypass (800-6300 Amps)


Q. What are the types of ATS in the Philippine Market?

A. Breaker Type, Contactor Type, Changeover Type, and Solenoid-Operated Type.


Q. How fast is the transferring of OTTS?

A. From 20 to 90 ms.


Q. How about the Enclosure?

A. ENOS ATS Enclosures are all Locally Fabricated, which will be designed and customized depending on the Clients actual requirement.

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