Telecommunications works

TELECOMMUNICATION WORKS –  includes site survey and planning, transportation/hauling and hoisting of equipment, installation works, commissioning integration and testing, dismantling, BTS upgrade and transmission site audit.

What We Do:

Site survey and planning

  • Site readiness will be checked during site survey
  • Installation plan and document preparation including layout drawings, cabling drawings, material demand, etc.
  • Site survey and installation planning for two microwave site locations
  • Line of sight verification survey one microwave hop
  • Frequency scans survey for two microwave site locations


  • Provides hardware and materials transportation between regional warehouse and site


  • Hardware and materials crane hoisting on site

Installation works

  • Cabinet Installation
  • BTS Cabinet Installation with Antenna System
  • MW Cabinet Installation
  • Battery bank Installation
  • Rectifier Installation and Termination
  • Antennae Installation
  • Feederline Cable System Installation

Commissioning, Integration and Testing

  • ?Antenna Line Testing (Site Master)
  • Power System Commissioning & Testing
  • Flexi BTS Manual Commissioning and Integration
  • Transmission Line Testing (BER Tester)


  • Dismantling microwave dish antenna including its accessories. Accessories included are: side-strut, mounting pole, bracket, coupler, combiner, and flexible- waveguide

BTS upgrade

  • Installation of needed modules and commissioning including documentation

Transmission Site Audit

  • Conduct On-Site Audit of transmission equipment in cell site including BSC like PDH Radio, 3G, ODF, Wimax, BTS, SDH Multiplexer, SDH Radio, etc.
  • Tracing the cross connection of cables with different speed (E1, STM1, STM4, STM16 STM64, 100BT) from one transmission equipment to another.
  • Uploading of network elements
  • Link up of each radio and loading or mapping of BTS, 3G and Wimax in Clarity Inventory Suite database


  • Complete communication system
  • Service coverage by dedicated teams of skilled technicians, riggers, commissioners, team leaders and engineers
  • Aside from dedicated service teams, we have a roving team of multi-skilled technicians as back up
  • Self-sustained mobile teams of well-experienced and knowledgeable technicians, riggers, commissioners, team leaders and engineers who are resourceful and committed to their areas of responsibility