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ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO Power Transfer Switches offers continuous operation that protects your facility in the event of power failure and unbalanced load switching-fast and reliable.
ASCO is the acknowledged global market leader, with recognized long term commitment to R&D, pioneering technology since 1920 and the guaranteed 24/7 after sales support enabling business critical continuity.  
ASCO Power Transfer Switches uses a unique solenoid operator design to force and lock the main contacts closed on a high current fault rather than allowing them to open like circuit breaker.  These are available with or without bypass isolation.
FMIDC is the exclusive distributor of ASCO Transfer Switch in the Philippines.


Operates in a two sets of contacts are in parallel not more than 100 milliseconds 


  • Solenoid     
  • With local and remote serial communication
  • Standard ground connection
  • 5 to 10 years warranty
Power Group G Transfer Switch – Commercial Light Industrial


  • UL Listed 1008 standard for total system load and CSA Standard C22.2 for ATS
  • 30 – 3000 amps in compact design


  • No danger of the SERIES 300 ATS transferring loads to a dead source due to the unique ASCO single-solenoid operator which derives power to operate from the source to where the load is being transferred.
  • Integrated multilingual user interface for configuration and monitoring.
  • Adjustable time-delay feature prevents switch from being activated due to momentary utility power outages and generator dips.

It operates in a break before make mode. One set of contacts open before the other set close. Load is disconnected from power during transfer.


  • Solenoid     
  • With local and remote serial communication
  • Standard ground connection
  • 5 to 10 years warranty

Designed to provide transfer of loads between power sources with a timed load disconnect position for an adjustable period of time.

• 150 through 4000 Amperes.

• Solenoid

• Mechanical interlocks to prevent direct connection of both sources.

• Indicator light (16mm, industrial grade type LED) for load disconnect position.

• Adjustable time delay for load disconnect position.



Allows the primary automatic transfer switch to be inspected, tested, and maintained without any interruption of power to the load. They also provide redundant power transfer in the event the ATS is disabled or removed from service.

Applicatiion: Mission critical installations operating 24/7


  • Solenoid
  • Transfer switch is draw-out design for ease of maintenance.
  • Bypass and isolation handles are permanently mounted. The bypass switch has dead front quick-make, quick-break operation for transferring of loads between live sources
  • No toggle switches, push buttons, selector switches or levers are required for bypass- isolation operation
  • Mechanical indicators show bypass and transfer switch positions
  • 800-1200 ampere available in shallow depth, front connected or rear connected designs
  • 5 to 10 years warranty
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