ASCO 230 Series  Automatic Transfer Switch



The Series 230 capacity is up to 400A, available from 220 to 415 volts, 50 and 60Hz, single phase and three phase. Typical applications include office buildings, residential buildings, telecom, hospital, subway, data center, military, transportation, and fire pump applications.


  • PC Class ATS
  • High ability of withstanding lightning strikes (40kA 8/20μs)
  • Simple reliable mechanism, compact and stylish appearance
  • Modular design, convenient operation, easy maintenance
  • Three operation positions. Two sources can be isolated in the center-off position

Arc Extinguish

  • The utilization category is AC-33B, and the ability of withstand and break is 10Ie
  • Rotating dual contacts design extinguishes the arc quickly and effectively
  • Arcing contacts and main contacts are separate, avoids main contacts from being destroyed by an arc
  •  Clamping contacts are self cleaning wiping action type
  • High short-circuit closing ability

Performance Features

• Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following regulatory agencies

• EN60947-6-1/IEC60947-6-1: transfer switching

• EN55022: Radiated and Conducted Emission, Class A

• EN61000-3-2: Harmonic Current Emission, Class A

• EN61000-3-3: Limits of Voltage fluctuation and Flicker

• EN 61000-4-5: Immunity to Surge

• EN 61000-4-4: Immunity to Electrical Fast Transient:

• EN61000-4-2: Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge

• EN61000-4-3: Immunity to Radiated Electric Fields

• EN 61000-4-6: Immunity to Continuous Conducted Interference

Switching Mechanism

  • Both automatic and manual operation are available
  • Unique contacts design limits contact bounce
  • Unique clutch technique makes manual operation easy to do
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocks prevent two sources from connecting simultaneously
  • Innovative motor circuit protection technique, provides precision control
  • Cast steel bevel gear mechanism provides high transmission efficiency, and extends the operation life


  • Different Operating Modes (Source I priority/ No Source priority)
  • C2000 has ability to work with external 24VDC power supply
  • High frequency switching power supply and wide power voltage range
  • Controller remains operational when power is lost, and avoids data loss
  • Diagnosis fault intelligent with self – protection function (Motor-Protection)
  • RS485 communication interface is available

FMIDC is the exclusive distributor of ASCO® Power Technologies in the Philippines.