Title Rigger
Group Operations
Location NCR
Job Information

• Attach loads to rigging machinery in order to move them from one place to another
• Perform pulley and block attaching a activities
• Ensure that pulleys and blocks are properly attached to beams, ceilings and pole booms
• Make sure that the right amount sized bolts and clamps are used for each attachment
• Handle the movement of heavy equipment with the help of controls
• Assemble and dismantle rigging equipment at the end of each shift
• Perform fabrication and repairing of structures using defined rigging machinery
• Manipulate rigging lines and hoists in order to control attached heavy equipment
• Ensure that the selected cables, pulleys and winches are in accordance to the weight of the equipment that needs to be hoisted or moved
• Communicate with construction staff using verbal communication or hand signals so as to ensure the safety and correct movement of heavy equipment or materials
• Test and set-up rigging for safety and maneuverability before each movement
• Ensure compliance to safe rigging practices at every step of the rigging process
• Perform cleanliness and maintenance duties on rigging equipment and tools
• Ensure that all rigging gear is stored in a proper manner and is ready for the next shift
• Create work reports at the end of each shift

We prefer WALK-IN applicants. Interested applicants may visit our office Mondays thru Fridays, 9am-10am. We are located at FMIDC Building, 837 Maria Clara St., Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City. Bring updated resume and valid ID and wear proper attire. Look for Ms. Zel or Ms. Yui of HR

For inquiries, you may call/text us at 09178822753/09209746659 or call us at 635-5041 loc. 104.

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