FG Wilson Generator Set


Q. What is FG Wilson?

A. FG Wilson is a brand that is under “Caterpillar Group of Companies”


Q. FG Wilson came from what country?

A. It came from U.K


Q. What’s the engine of FG Wilson?

A. Perkins Engine


Q. What kind of alternator does it use?

A.  In all single phase – Leroy Somer

11-25kVA – Leroy Somer

33-200kVA – Marelli (Optional for Leroy Somer Alternator)

200-1500kVA Leroy Somer Alternator


Q. What are the ratings that you offer for your Generator Set?

A. 8.8kVA – 100kVA (Single Phase)

11kVA – 1500kVA (Three Phase)


Q. What is the estimated lead time?

A. From china it will take 3-4 months and from U.K it will take 5-6 months.