Q. What is a Surge Protective Device?

A. A voltage dependent component, connected in parallel with load which limits current.


Q. What is the importance of SPD?

A. It protects the electrical system by limiting surge voltage while diverting surge current.


Q. Is SPD/TVSS an UL Listed?

A. It’s UL 1449-1985 Listed – 3rd Edition


Q. What are the available series of SPD?

A. 320, 330 and 510 series.


Q. What is the MCOV percentage value of SPD?

A. 25% of nominal voltage.


Q. What is the response time of SPD?

A. Less than 0.5 ns.


Q. What is the operating voltage of SPD?

A. +/- 15% of nominal voltage.


Q. What is ATF?

A. It protect against the low voltage/high frequency transients generated by everyday events such as turning on

motors or machinery.


Q. What is the advantage of using ATF rather than SPD?

A. It offers more comprehensive level of protection by providing clean AC power for highly sensitive equipment.