Q. What is the definition of an ATS as per UL1008?

A. ATS is a device that automatically transfer common load from a normal to an alternate supply

in the event of failure of the normal supply and automatically returns the load to the normal supply

when the normal supply restored.


Q. What does ASCO stands for?

A. It is Automatic Switch Company.


Q. Where are these product based/made?

A. US based/made.


Q. What are ASCO ATS product ranges?

A. Open Transition, Closed Transition, Delayed Transition, Softload Transition, and Open/Closed

Transition with bypass isolation.


Q. What are the types of ATS in the Philippine Market?

A. Breaker Type, Contractor Type, Changeover Type and Solenoid.


Q. Bypass isolation option is available for what ASCO ATS ampere ratings?

A. From 150 to 4000 amps.


Q. Closed Transition ATS is available for what ASCO ATS ampere ratings?

A. From 1600 to 4,000 amps.


Q. How fast is the transferring of Open Transition Transfer Switch (OTTS)?

A. From 20 to 90 ms.


Q. What is in-phase monitor/transfer?

A. Supply Voltage and Load Voltage