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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the definition of an ATS as per UL1008?
A. ATS is a device that automatically Transfer common load from a normal to an alternate supply in the event of failure of the normal supply and automatically returns the load to the normal supply when the normal supply restored.

Q.What does ASCO stands for?
A. It is Automatic Switch Company.

Q. Where are this product based/made?
A. US based/made.

Q. What are ASCO ATS product range?
A.Open Transition, Closed Transition, Delayed Transition, Softload Transition, and Open/Closed Transition with bypass isolation.

Q. What are the types of ATS in the Philippine Market?
A. Breaker Type, Contractor Type, Changeover Type and Solenoid.
Q. What are the types of ATS in the Philippine Market?
A. Breaker Type, Contractor Type, Changeover Type and Solenoid.
Q. Closed Transition ATS is available for what ASCO ATS sizes?
A. 1600 to 4,000 amps.
Q. How fast is the transferring of OTTS?
A. From 20 to 90 ms.
Q. What is in-phase monitor/transfer?
A. Supply Voltage and Load Voltage
Q. Who should I contact for Technical Assistance?
A. For technical support and assistance, please email technical@fmidc.com.

Q. Leoni is originated in what country?
A. In Switzerland.

Q. What are the different types of Leoni Cables?
A. Those are FR Cables, Solar Cables, Data Cables.

Q. What is the difference of Leoni Cables to other cables?
A. Leoni Cable has a mineral base insulation and it is low smoke halogen free cable.

Q. What are the sizes available for single core power cables?
A. From 1.5 mm² to 630 mm².

Q. What is the delivery Lead Time for Leoni Cables?
A. 10 to 12 weeks (it depends if there are stocks)

Q. What is a Surge Protective Device?​
A. A voltage dependent component, connected in parallel with load which limits current.

Q. What is the importance of SPD?
A. It protects the electrical system by limiting surge voltage while diverting surge current.

Q. Is SPD/TVSS an UL Listed?
A. Yes. It’s UL 1449-1985 Listed – 3rd Edition

Q.What are the available series of SPD?
A. 320, 330 and 510 series.

Q.What is the MCOV percentage value of SPD?​
A. 25% of nominal voltage

Q.What is the response time of SPD?​
A. Less than 0.5 ns.

Q.What is the operating voltage of SPD?
A. +/- 15% of nominal voltage.

Q. What is FG Wilson?
A. FG Wilson is under Caterpillar Group of Companies

Q. Where it came From?
A. From U.K.

Q. What is the engine of FG Wilson genset?
A. It's perkins Engine

Q. What kind of alternator does it use?
A. In all Single phase- Leroy Somer
    11-25KVA- Leroy Somer
    33-200KVA- Marelli (Optional for Leroy Somer Alternator)
    200-1500KVA-Leroy Somer Alternator
Q. What are the Ratings that your Generator set Has?
A. 11KVA-1500KVA( Three Phase)
     8.8KVA-100KVA(Single Phase)
Q. What is the lead time for this Generator?
A. 3-4 Months( China)
    5-6 Months( U.K )


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